Investment Benefits

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Many entrepreneurs who carry out activities like this, it is certain that investment has many benefits and benefits for both the boss and the company. And for those of you who just want to start a business and want to invest, it’s good if you know the benefits first.

• Can Increase Assets

You can buy land now for an investment, then sell it in the future at a value that is many times the price when you buy it or you can build an apartment and rent or sell it on the land.

• Provide Fixed Income

If you are nearing or retiring, you will be looking for a steady income for your daily living expenses. Various investments including, equity, bonds and property can provide a fixed and attractive level of income that is often higher than the inflation rate.

• Can Meet the Needs of Life in the Future

Of course we do not know what needs are needed in the future. To achieve the targets that have been planned in the future, for example, we want to buy a house, vehicles and other needs. Then this will be achieved faster if you start collecting money or investing from now on.

Not only saving at the bank but we can also plan for the future such as preparation for education, health and retirement from work. So don’t just invest in one area, but invest in another. It aims to avoid if something unexpected happens from one investment, then there is another investment investment reserve.

• Life Becomes More Economical

Investment can make someone more efficient. For example, by saving, people will set aside part of their income to save and the money collected from saving can be enjoyed in the future or if needed.

Can also invest in the form of insurance, someone who invests by way of insurance must pay insurance costs every month or within a certain period and the results of investment insurance can be enjoyed in the future.

• Prevent debt bondage

As the times develop, so many life needs that must be met, especially regarding lifestyle needs. Surely everyone has their lifestyle, for example, like the desire to buy certain items that are relatively expensive.

Maybe because they want to fulfill their lifestyle, they force themselves and decide to borrow money to fulfill their lifestyle and of course they will be in debt. So with investments we can prevent debt entanglement, because we will always have a strong commitment to avoid debt bondage that is by way of a frugal lifestyle.

• Creating Happiness for Families

By investing appropriately, we can create happiness in the family, for example family health is more secure with insurance, children’s education is more secure and financial reserves are always there if needed.

• Hone Responsibility And Confidence

Responsibility and self-confidence are two things that can increase if we make an investment. Financially, financial responsibilities towards family, company and personal will increase. While self-confidence is also honed when making investments, especially if we are directly involved in investment-related businesses

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