Get To Know About The First Ever Horse Race On Film

Since the time when the movies were created in 1878, movies tend to revolve around tales of love, revenge, friendship, triumph and adversity. Movies employing such themes succeed on both big screen and small screen. After some years, the theme of triumph came up and it has been the catalyst of almost every horse racing film. Horse racing is Sports of Kings which featured heavily in the cinemas of 19th century. All through the 1930s and 1940s horse racing formed the part of movies and it is great to learn that it is only recently when the horse races are making a comeback in the movies. If you are a die-hard fan of horse races, you may watch films that show horse races. Well, there are several movies showing horse races. You may be wondering about the first ever horse race on film which is ‘The Horse in Motion’ (1878). Movies that show horse races earn a lot of popularity due to the competitive races they show.

The Horse in Motion: showing the first ever horse race on film

This is the movie which can hardly be called a film but it has a lot of historic importance. You can say that the plot of the movie is not that well defined but it is perfect for the lovers of horse race. Directed by Eadweard Muybridge, this is the first ever film that showcased the horse race. The movie is itself the most significant moment created in the entire history of horse races. ‘The Horse in Motion’ is the groundbreaking piece of artistic work from the famous photographer Eadweard Muybridge. The fantastic brow-raising movie is actually the series of stills which totally features galloping race horse. The movie is the first ever movie which showed an animal in the moving image format.

The symbol of horse in The Horse in Motion

The horse is the symbol of beauty, freedom of movement, grace, strength, spirit and forgiveness. Through the movie, The Horse in Motion, one can understand the symbolism better. We need to support and encourage that freedom of movement, appreciate it and not to interfere.

The love for horse races

Everyone loves to watch movies that show horse races. The story of such movies normally revolves around a few people who share a strong bond with the animal. Movies that revolve around horse races are usually inspiring and give a feel good factor to the spectators afterwards.

Other movies on horse race

Apart from The Horse in Motion, there are several other movies like ‘Phar Lap’ (1983), ‘Secretariat’ (2010), ‘Kentucky’ (1938), ‘Dreamer’ (2005), ‘Champions’ (1983), etc. All the movies tell story about someone. ‘Black Stallion’, for instance, says the story about Alec Ramsey, the young boy. Here Alec forms a strong bond with the horse when he is saved from the sinking ship.

‘Let It Ride’ breaks the very mould of first ever horse race on film. It takes a look at the different side of the fence whereby the story revolves around an unsuccessful gambler who at last sees his Golden Day where he wins all the bet he places.  It is much different from other horse racing movies.