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The CallOperationAction can be placed in an ActivityPartition whose name is identical because the function name assigned to the duty, and whose Represents property is the role Interface. This helps show who is answerable for the motion within the realization contract’s activity. For instance, the task Continue Claim Verification in the Administer Claim course of turns into a CallOperationAction whose identify is Continue Claim Verification.

The collaboration roles (properties of the collaboration) are derived from the position resources assigned to tasks within the process model. The role names are the same as the primary required position useful resource for any process within the course of. The function kind is the interface corresponding to the function as described beneath. The collaboration role represents the usage of a service supplier playing a role in a particular collaboration to achieve some end result.


Each business process within the WBM model is considered as a Collaboration with the same title in UML2, as proven in Figure eleven for the Administer Claim process. This collaboration represents the business service specification or contract that specifies what implementers should do to be able to meet the business requirements. The collaboration specifies who the members are, what they are responsible for, and how they are expected to work together.

Each task within the enterprise process mannequin is either an invocation of a newly defined task, an invocation of a service offered by others, or the invocation of one other process. The CallOperationAction has an additional target InputPin whose identify is the name of the role resource assigned to the duty in the process mannequin, and whose type is the Interface corresponding to that function resource. The operation property of the CallOperationAction is the corresponding operation of the position interface.

The sort of the collaboration role specifies what responsibilities that service supplier has to offer to be able to play the position. The collaboration role kind is often an Interface whose operations are the specs for the role’s obligations.

Managing funds is often carried out by the finance division within the organizations however services right here mentioned above require special monetary help from financial advisors. Since more than ninety% of the transactions occur online on the Internet it is very essential that the software companies are updated to fight virus threats in addition to hacking threats. Start/StopThese nodes indicate the initiation and termination of processes in each the enterprise process model and the BSM exercise representing the conclusion contract.

The action has enter and output pins for every of its parameters, and a further target input pin referred to as claimProcessor of kind ClaimProcessor, the role liable for the duty. The motion is positioned in an exercise partition whose title is claimProcessor, and whose Represents property is the ClaimProcessor interface. The activity has an InputPin and OutputPin for every enter and output of the business process. The names of these pins are the identical as their names in the enterprise course of, whereas their sorts are the «BusinessEntity» courses derived from the business objects in the course of mannequin. For instance, the Administer Claim activity has an enter claimContainer of type ClaimContainer, and an output claimContainer of the identical kind.

Notice you could select to show attributes with complex sorts as properties or as associations. ClaimContainer has property CoveringInsurancePolicy which is proven as a property with non-primitive sort. ClaimContainer has one other property, ClaimFolder, which also has a non-primitive sort but is shown as an association. The two notations present alternative ways of viewing the same info. You can create class diagrams that arrange and show enterprise data in any means you want, including having a number of views for various stakeholders.

In specific, you would possibly want to create separate class diagrams for the data exchanged for every service. But in RSA, you’ll be able to create a class diagram to point out the courses and their superclasses. The business merchandise templates in WBM are viewed as superclasses in the BSM as a result of they symbolize shared properties. In Figure 10, the DataStructure Template is the superclass of each ClaimContainer and ClaimFolder, and represents properties which might be widespread to each subclasses.

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