Understanding the Culture system

This paper intends to understand how the essence of art is in the cultural context of a society. Understanding of the nature of art in the cultural context is absolutely necessary, so that researchers can correctly address the arts that will later become objects in their research. For this reason the issues to be discussed are the notions of: culture, art and the nature of art in society.


In everyday terms we often hear people talking about culture, but what they mean by culture is art. There are some people who admire certain dances, certain traditional clothes, traditional architecture, performing arts; or there are also people who are fascinated by oil paintings, poetry readings or regional songs. Then they immediately assessed: “What a great cultural society.” Of course the use of cultural terms there is not wrong, it only needs to be completed; because otherwise culture will only be interpreted narrowly and simply. Then how to make the concept of culture not that narrow.

There is an anthropologist who has modified the concept of culture that departs from the notions that preceded it. He then defines the concept of culture as a whole system of ideas, actions and the
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Understanding of Art

Art is always associated with a culture that has gradually developed in socio-cultural life. As part of the form of culture, it’s no wonder the existence of both of them complement each other. Then what is the meaning of art? Art is referred to as a medium that can be used as a medium to express a sense of beauty that comes from the human soul. Not only that, art can be used to perpetuate the norms and customs of a society so that it will not be eaten easily. So it is not surprising that in addition to referring to the aesthetic side, art is a symbol of the culture of a place. Like talking about Kecak Dance which is closely related to Balinese cultural elements. Dance accompanied by makeup and clothing shows cultural identity that is a requirement for meaning. Art is no longer talking about communication patterns orally or otherwise but includes everything that covers them.

What is art understanding?

Art or art is certainly known by everyone. Even for those of you who are not involved in the art world, you might have done art. Why is that? Because in essence the art of talking about
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Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act: High-Ranking Elected Official Proposes Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana

Nearly two-thirds of U.S citizens, most of who do not smoke weed advocate for marijuana decriminalization. And now all eyes stay glued to one man; Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, relative to Amy Schumer (yes, the comedian) and the guy who’s also eyeing the majority leader seat in the oncoming midterm elections. He said it is high time Americans get what they’ve for so long desired— full legalization.

A week ago, Senator Schumer from New York launched a new bill, the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act, to legalize cannabis at federal levels and give states the power to find ways to regulate its use.  And this legislation means a lot to the decriminalization movement because Chuck Schumer is so far the highest-ranking voted official ever to propose federal legalization of cannabis.

Schumer said, it is now time to legalize and allow Americans— more so women and micro-business owners, as well as those serving jail terms for simple possession of weed they intended to use for personal recreation—the chance to contribute to today’s economy. According to the Senate minority leader, decriminalization is the “simply right thing to do,” and he is optimistic his approach will earn the bill great bipartisan support … Read More