A Solid Team Makes Business! This is How to Build Their Closeness

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Building solid teamwork is important for all business people or managers in a company. Because your success as a boss, is also not free from the role of their hard work the subordinates. In order for your subordinates to work properly and correctly, they need to work in the right environment. That is your job as a leader so that the environment is created. From this environment they will be able to work as a strong team. Each of them must have a good personal closeness and give each other a sense of comfort.

If comfort has been formed, guaranteed the dynamics of work will increase, the possibility for success is even greater. Without further ado, here is how to build solid teamwork reported by Forbes.

1. Provide food

Going to eat together is one way to bring your team closer. Try to provide food to your team, it can be at breakfast or during the day. Because food, can make them gather together and make the atmosphere more fluid. You don’t have to provide heavy food, you can give them snacks too, for example, bread, egg martabak, chocolate cheese, burger, and others. Another option is to invite them to eat out once a week to unwind, on Friday after work.

2. Form small teams in each project

A company must have a variety of projects to be completed immediately. To familiarize one team member with another, you create a small team for each project. This is to familiarize them more than to work individually.

If you have a lot of team members, you can rotate them for future projects. Don’t just say the same things, later they will get bored.

3. Invite activities outside the office

Nothing wrong with doing activities outside the office, like sports or watching together,
Teamwork can not only be developed indoors, but also through various other exciting activities. You can take them outside the office for example watching together, exercising together, or any activity that is done outside the office.

4. Involve them in developing future vision and mission through a discussion

As an organization there are not only superiors, but also other teams including subordinates. Invite them to think together about the vision and mission of the team going forward. Listen and accommodate every suggestion, so they feel they are contributing to the team.
Provide space for discussion, at least once a week to listen to their ideas in achieving business goals.

5. Instill mutual trust towards the team

Instill mutual trust, give them credit for achieving achievements. This achievement can encourage them to work even harder. But be careful, they will even compete with each other.
Give an objective assessment, not just individual targets, but also their contribution in the team.

6. Stay in touch with instant messaging services

Stay in touch with the team by using an instant messaging service,
It may not be that the team is fully assembled at the office forever, some must be absent due to illness, or are outside working on several projects. So that the relationship remains established, create a WhatsApp group so that they can continue to communicate and coordinate despite being far apart.

But, don’t just talk about work, occasionally throwing jokes, sharing hilarious memes that can break the ice. So much information about how to build compactness in teamwork. If the team that you build already has a family closeness, guaranteed all work can be carried out easily and can achieve goals-

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