Day: October 11, 2019

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Type of Investment Based on the Type


This is a type of investment made by storing some money in a bank, this money can be used later in life and its value will increase because there is bank interest.

• Gold

Gold or precious metals is one of the most popular investments in Indonesia. The excess investment in gold, among others, gold is a liquid asset that is easily sold. While the risk of gold investment, among others, is difficult in its storage.

• Deposits

Deposit is a deposit of money for a certain time, if the money is taken before the time of the agreement it will get a penalty or a fine. Interest received from these deposits is greater than savings.

• Bonds

When you buy bonds, it means you are lending money to companies or the government. The agency will return your capital while providing interest for your loan. The main attraction of bonds is the security of investing by ‘lending money’.

If you buy bonds from the government, your investment can be said without risk. The security and stability of bonds, of course, have their weaknesses, namely the low potential return you will get so that it can be said that bonds are investment vehicles that have low returns.

• Mutual funds

Mutual funds are a place to raise personal funds in a particular company and then the money will be used for investment by experienced investment managers. So, for mutual funds you don’t need to learn about investing, just entrust your … Read More

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What is group enterprise?

business communityFor some, it’s a business tactic by which an organization donates cash, items and/or volunteer hours towards a worthwhile cause such because the homeless, or the local training system. There are a number of shops and means by which an organization can reveal that it is socially accountable. However, corporate social duty can be the way in which in which a company chooses to run itself.

Likewise, local small companies have a tendency to purchase domestically as properly, pumping more of their income again into the group than their chain retailer counterparts, serving to with financial improvement. Many small enterprise house owners band collectively, forming informal or formal relationships, similar to a service provider’s affiliation or one-on-one counseling and mentoring relationships.

Resources for your corporation

“It’s given me the boldness to be playful with clothes – I’m a photographer and I’m artistic; I don’t wish to be staid.” Meanwhile, Quinn uses the headshots in her promotional materials, which prompts enterprise enquiries for Sheinwald. Goodman’s first step towards setting up the CBL was joining Twitter. “I met startups, mentors and quite a few other local business homeowners and struck up conversations with them earlier than meeting at networking events.” Now the CBL has energetic accounts on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, which provide avenues for Goodman to advertise occasions and construct connections. Now you see, every department in your corporation is neighborhood.

What does business community mean?

When you pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA), you’ll discover ways to … Read More